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Business is ART

and science, gut instinct, hard work, and a certain amount of luck

Jon Umstead


September 2015
6″ x 9″, paperback
280 Pages

A successful entrepreneur shares the secrets to business success through his unique ART program.

Estimates say that as many as eight out of ten new businesses fail within the first eighteen months.  More conservative estimates say that about half of new business start-ups are still in business four  to five years later. In either case, the likelihood of business failure is very high.  Studies prove that good planning practices more than double the chance of business success.  Yet, the vast majority of small to medium sized businesses operate without a formal plan, and of those who do build a plan, only a handful carefully measure their targeted objectives and adjust their plans accordingly.

Business is ART provides business leaders with an easy-to-follow approach to business success. The book is intended for any business owner, executive or organizational leader, but is especially designed for the small to medium sized organization.  Its purpose is to provide a simple process—with templates—that business and organizational leaders can follow, from the creation of a powerful vision, to strategic business plans, to performance metrics and back again in a continuous cycle of improvement.

Created by Jon Umstead, and tested over a thirty year business career, the ART program shows business leaders how to successfully Articulate their vision, Revise their plans, and Track their progress. Umstead draws on personal anecdotes and experience, as well as wisdom from other business leaders, to create an engaging, accessible and empowering guide to business success.


“A clear winner in terms of finding solutions to help achieve your long- and short-term business goals.” – Dr. Sanjay Jain, New York Times bestselling author of Optimal Living 360

“Jon is an amazing guide—you will keep returning to his words over and again!” –Paul Butare, former CEO, AcroSoft Corporation

Business is ART will help anyone who is starting out or needs to refresh their skills in this highly competitive business environment. Jon breaks down the fundamentals in a way that is both fun to read and thought provoking. Anyone looking for new thoughts about how to succeed should be reading this.” - Kim Kelly-Bartley (Vice President, Marketing and Menu Development at White Castle Management)

“In his book, Business is ART, Jon Umstead provides a proven approach in easy to follow terms. It is both fun to read and informative. It provides you with simple, effective tools that will help you maximize your odds of success.” – Ivan Misner, founder of BNI